Prison Amenities

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to relieve your concerns on prison funding and how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent within prisons. And to tell you how I, as your governor, would treat this, and all other matters involving the people of this great state, with a gentle, but just hand. The matter at hand today, is not a fact, but rather the respected opinion of the people of this state. Prisons today have many amenities for inmates, and many people think that they shouldnt.

Upon research of what they are actually able to do I found an array of constructive activities. Some of these include playing basketball, pool, lifting weights, watching TV. , listening to the radio and other such recreational activities. But it is not all fun and games, most prisons nowadays offer full high school and college courses to enable inmates to complete higher education, and further ready themselves to return to the real world.

Now keep in mind, of course, that prisons that offer these kinds of amenities hold inmates charged with less-serious crimes, it is much stricter for the higher security prisons. But having these types of amenities in prisons prevents the rocessing of inmates and spitting out a waste of a human life when they get out. Another reason that these amenities are a good idea to keep can be found simply by observing a kindergarten classroom.

In the same way kindergarteners are managed by the teacher by regulating there playtime in exchange for doing all there work, prisoners are managed by a powerful tool, recreational time. Talk to anyone who has ever read a book, seen a movie and youll hear horror stories of what goes on in prisons like fights, raping, drug use, and even deaths. Well recreational activities prevent a lot of this kind of thing. Now, some of you might say that, Hey, these are convicted prisoners, why should they get to do things that I get to do, or more importantly, get a free education.

And those are sound arguments, but they are still human beings that made mistakes. And isnt our country based on the idea that everyone makes mistakes, and all but a very few can change. And in all fairness isnt it also unfair that you still have to pay for public schools out of your taxes, even if you dont have any children. As it was once said, In prison, you either get busy living, or get busy dying, and it is very true in many aspects. Less than fifty years ago prisons were horrible, and human rights were virtually nonexistent.

Nowadays, by arming our prisons with these amenities they will be able to battle the common wasting away of a human life in prison, by educating them and not letting them sit around with stress and tension building all day. And it is also a good policy for correctional officers too, because the more idle inmates you have, the more dangerous it is for the officers. I hope that by listening to me, as I have listened to the people, you will find my reasoning just, and for the good of the people.

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