My name is Ashley

Hello, My name is Ashley. I want to share with you my erotic story. Imagine the time… I was barely 17 and in high school. I had always felt that I looked at the other girls in the locker room differently than how I was supposed to. I’d love it when a girl near me would bend over in just her tight silky string bikinis to pull up her shorts. I would just stare at her ass and think of how tempting it was to just reach out and touch it. I thought to myself many a times that I shouldn’t be doing it. That it was wrong to think of another girl in that way, but I couldn’t help it.

How could wanting such luscious, young, beautiful bodies be wrong? Swimming… Swimming was torture. God watching those girls fling off their shirts and bras…. exposing all that gorgeous flesh and those wonderful other brown areas in the middle. I would just look and wish that I could just grab them and never let them go. I would give them my complete and utter attention. I would actually imagine doing this to them in the locker room. I would get so wet.. I would literally drip. I would be so wet and loose that I sometimes felt that I would be able to re-fill the pool with my wetness.

Was I the only one daydreaming about the gorgeous blonde named Stephanie?? Her hair was down past the middle of her back. I remember it so clearly. Not dyed either.. Just natural golden locks. I loved the way it would nestle its way around her firm breasts. Her eyes were astonishing. A deep emerald green. Like none you have ever seen. She was perfect in form. Complete and sheer beauty. She was gorgeous. I looked at her dreamily every day and wished I would get the chance to be with her. To feel her. She was what every guy in school wanted. She could have her pick of any of them… even the taken ones, and she did just that.

She wasn’t a slut or anything. I think that she thought of it as a game, to see how many men she could wrap around her tiny finger. Since she was very successful at this, her girlfriends were limited. Though she never tried to steal away her friend’s guys. How do I know all of this??? Well, she was my best friend. Stephanie and I were inseparable since kindergarten. Even then I felt that she was just so pretty.. but now, now she was the most gorgeous creature on earth to me. We grew up together. Played together since we were young. And went through everything imaginable together. She of course was the better looking one.

But I was the one with the brains. I often times was told that I was very attractive myself. But I always compared myself to her… My golden brown hair at least 5 inches shorter than Stephanie’s. My deep blues eyes were no match for those emerald eyes. I always wanted to be like Stephanie. I remember when we used to get baths together when we were 13. We did it cuz I was always over at her house and it would save time.

Two teenage girls sharing a bathroom with only 1 in at a time could take us 4 hours! I still remember those so clearly. We would sit in the tub facing each other… e seemed to pay me no mind. But I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She would be all wet soapy suds all over her newly forming breasts. I loved every minute of it. Sometimes I made her stay in with me till the water got freezing. Did she think of me the same way? No, she was always interested in guys. I was only wishful thinking. Four years passed since we got baths together. We no longer got baths together once we hit 14. We were never shy in front of each other though. There she sat beside me on the bench putting on her bikini. I was only half-dressed from taking my time in watching her.

We left the locker room and had our swimming class and then left to finish our other classes. That night I went over to her house after school and we were upstairs doing our homework. I had managed to pull myself together and not think of her and actually do my work. Suddenly Stephanie looks up at me from her book and says, “Hey Ashley, why don’t we ever take baths together anymore? You remember when we were younger, we used to do it all the time. ” I replied with, “Well, I guess it’s because we are older now, and older girls don’t take showers together. ”

She said, “Well why don’t they? I always thought it was fun and it was faster. ” I said, “So did I. ” And then the conversation seemed to end on that note because she put her head back down and continued reading. Within five minutes Stephanie said something to me that completely shocked me. She said, “Ash, have you ever thought of ‘being’ with a woman? ” I just sat there stupefied mouth gaping. I said nothing I was in such shock. She then took that as a sign that she said something wrong and said, “I’m sorry, I was just prying.. I heard some guys at school talking about it and I became curious and wondered what you thought about it.

I looked at her… knowing her for so many years, I knew that she had just come up with a quick excuse. I smiled and said “uhh… yeah… I suppose I have thought about it” Her eyes suddenly got that special twinkle in them and she said “So have I! ” My heart began to race… ‘Oh my god, was she really thinking the same things I have all along? But of who? certainly not me… she never looked at me that way… or was I always to absorbed in her myself that I just never seemed to notice? ‘ I said with a sly smile “oh? and just what chick have you considered doing this with?

She said,”Why you of course, silly. Who else? ” I felt like I was just dreaming the whole damn thing! Did I fall asleep while trying to read? Someone pinch me! I said, “I have thought of doing it with you too. ” Then she said,”Interesting isn’t it? How two best friends can be so close as to share these kinds of feelings with each other? ” I replied, “Yeah, but I felt I’ve known you forever, and in a way you are a part of me. ” I wanted to hear her say that she felt the same way.. But she just gave me that big smile of hers, dropped her head, and continued to read.

I thought to myself, ‘DAMN DAMN DAMN! Ashley Dawn you better say something to her now! She may never bring it up again! ‘ But after suppressing my sexual urges towards her for so long, I backed down and kept on reading. Though there was no way that I could concentrate after that! We finished our homework and went downstairs to eat. Only her and her mom lived together. I was like Steph’s mom’s other daughter. I only had my father, who was busy looking for new pussy or working. So I suppose that he never really missed me. After supper Steph’s mom went out and we went back upstairs into her room.

As Steph’s mom went through the front door I wished I could go with her… I didn’t want to be left alone with my feelings for Steph since she had excited me beyond end earlier. Steph went upstairs and I followed behind her. I heard every crack and creek those steps made on my way up. I don’t understand how since my heart was pounding fiercely. I reached the top of the stairs and followed Steph into her room. She plopped comfortably on the bed awaiting me to take my usual place beside her… I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t move out of the doorway… I just stood there.

Stephanie looked at me with her emerald gems and asked “Ash, what is wrong?? ” I replied, “I’m not feeling real well” “Well come lay down, I’ll take care of you” she said God if only she knew what things my mind flew to with those words! I thought of a completely different way that she could take care of me… My head was spinning… I felt faint… She rushed over to grab me by the arm and helped me over to the bed. Why was I reacting to her like this? I’ve spent so much time with her and I’ve never been so affected by her presence. Why did she have to mention being with a woman?

Stephanie laid me down on her bed, covered me with a blanket and went into the bathroom. I laid there motionless… I was getting a headache… I felt terrible… Stephanie came back into the room carrying a glass of water, two Tylenol, and a cold washcloth. She told me to sit up and take the pills. I did so without objection. Steph felt my forehead and could feel my intense heat… She put the wash cloth on my forehead and brushed her hand against my cheek. Oh how I wanted to grab that hand and kiss it… Then Steph said to me,”Ashley, why don’t you take your clothes off.. you are so warm! ”

I coughed loudly, almost choking… she said,”I’ll take them off for you. ” And she did… She removed the blanket from me and started with my shirt… I felt her fumbling with the buttons.. I dare not look down! I would have a heart-attack! I would die If I watched her hands undress me!!! I felt her undo the last button and felt my blouse part in the middle. Her warm hands touched my shoulders as she removed the left side… then the right. I was sitting up… I was not watching… My eyes were shut! Not even a crowbar would open them! then… oh god.. then I felt her reach behind me to unclasp my bra…

Oh what torture!!! Will someone please help me?? She found the clasp , and with ease as women are so accustomed to that damn clasp, I felt it part from behind me… It remained… I then felt her slowly, oh so slowly, slide the right strap off my shoulder… then the left strap.. My bra fell into a heap in front of me on my lap… There I was… breasts bared by the most beautiful creature on earth. I felt soo… sooo hot! Yet, my nipples were hard, as they get when they are cold… then suddenly I felt a warm moist feeling surround my left breast. Oh my god, I couldn’t handle this anymore…

I HAD to look! I opened my eyes and looked down to see the top of Stephanie’s head. All that beautiful blonde hair… I felt her tongue play with my nipple.. making it harder and harder… Oh god.. it really was happening! I wasn’t imagining this! Stephanie was there… suckling upon my breasts… making me feel… oh so much better… What do I do? I dreamt of this a zillion times, planned over and over what I would do… but this no longer was just a fantasy. She was really doing this! I let my weight rest on my one arm as I lifted the other to let my hand play in that bountiful hair.

I ran my fingers through her hair, pressed her head in closer to me…. I wanted more! I wanted to feel my hands all over her! I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and she moved away to let me remove it… I then unclasped her bra and quickly tossed it aside. I took her breast into my mouth, savoring the taste… I heard muffled sounds coming from her… Sounds of great pleasure. This made me even more ravenous. I brought my mouth up to her neck while letting my hands cup and taunt her lovely soft breasts. I began to make a hot fiery trail up her neck… then I softly touched her lips with mine..

She gave me no signs to retreat… I gave her an intense kiss.. boy did she ever taste good. Our tongues danced together… each tasting the other.. Both of us craving more. By this time I was laying on the bed and she was atop me. Suddenly she broke the intense kiss and made her own trail downward… my neck, my breasts, my stomach… then she stopped… looked at me with a look I had never seen from her before… I was squirming under her.. wanting more of her kisses… She then proceed to unbutton my jeans… I heard a zipper…. then I felt her tugging at them… I slowly lifted my buttocks up for easier removal…

They were gone! Suddenly I felt her kiss the inside of my calf. she started to proceed upward… Oh god this intense heat was building inside of me! then she reached my inner thigh… She moved her arms up and proceeded to remove my panties… then I felt her lips even closer to my wet heat below… she got closer and closer OH GOD! Then she slipped her tongue inside of me gently… I thought I was going to explode! She licked all around it.. Exploring all of me from the inside with her tongue.. I moaned loudly… my body moved under her… urging her on… She left no part of me unlicked… e licked her index finger and inserted it into the hole underneath the one she had been loving so greatly.

God… I was so wet… It felt soooo wonderful she continued to move her finger inside of me… while her tongue would not stop its plan to completely abolish my senses.. I felt this intense heat building and building.. I think the felt it to because she began to move her tongue and finger with more vigor. Then suddenly, I exploded… I grasped her head and buried it into me and my wetness just flowed all over her… God that was sooo terrific… She smiled at me… kissed her way up and kissed my lips… r the first time I tasted myself and it made me want to taste her all the more. I then decided to please her as she did me.

I removed her jeans and undies with little delay. She laid there before me… She was so beautiful… I nestled up to her and kissed her. I went to kiss her moist mound when suddenly we heard a car door close… I ran to look out her window… Her mother had returned… We hurriedly dressed without a word and just sat there staring at each other. That was my first experience… unfortunately short-lived… but the week was not over… But that is a different story to be told…

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